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As a young British-Indian growing up in the north-west of England, like many young individuals I was never quite sure what I wanted to do with my career. I lacked direction and didn't have a clear understanding of what interested me. Early decisions took me to medical school in London and a unique experience, where I spent a year studying at the business school, started to plant new seeds of interest. 

A few years later, whilst practicing as a doctor in the NHS, I began to embark on a new journey into the healthcare technology sector. This was a decision fuelled by an interest to more deeply explore how technology could help improve healthcare but also a desire to broaden my exposure to new experiences and build on other personal interests I had been developing for several years. 

As I have progressed through my life and career, I have benefitted greatly from having coaches and mentors to help guide me through adversity and navigate complex decisions, whilst helping me to accelerate my development and performance, and advance my personal mission.  I have also had the privilege of coaching and mentoring individuals from diverse backgrounds, in turn helping them to overcome challenges, move forward with intention, and reach new personal and professional heights.  

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Deep reflection, restless reinvention, a consistent investment in personal development and a focus on providing value have been key guiding principles for me along the way.


I have also been very fortunate to work in a variety of roles across many areas that I have been incredibly passionate about, helping me to focus and continually refine my personal mission, which is currently centred around 3 key areas:

1) Make a positive impact on healthcare using technology and innovation as key enablers

2) Build supportive, collaborative communities that are empowered to drive change

3) Support individuals to find their personal mission and accelerate their growth

Recognising the many challenges individuals face on a daily basis, and additional pressures brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and a rapidly changing work and social environment, I am keen to use my experience, skills and knowledge wherever possible to help others. 

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are terms that are often used interchangeably, however whilst there are similarities between both approaches, there are differences too. Through my own experience in the field I try to summarise some of the similarities and differences as the following:   


At a high-level both are focused on helping individuals to realise their potential, and advance themselves personally and/or professionally. They both require a trusted relationship between two parties.

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Is centred around helping individuals to unlock their potential in order to maximise their performance. It tends to be much more structured in nature, and oriented around deep reflection, goal-setting, skill development and performance. Effective coaches need to be skilled in facilitating structured sessions to support individuals with these areas.


Is more focused on providing advice and guidance. Mentors typically have considerable experience and expertise in certain domains / industries and provide the mentee with relevant advice and direction. Mentorship tends to be more transactional in nature with the mentor using their personal experience to guide the mentee.

Whether used separately or in combination both techniques can be powerful, impactful and transformative.


With experience as both a coach and mentor, I use a combination of coaching and mentoring techniques to drive progress and results. My approach is very much centred around providing a completely tailored experience for individuals depending on their unique needs and requirements, and within my areas of expertise listed below. 

I offer free coaching and mentoring to young professionals and students through a few different schemes and organisations. If you would like to find out more about this please get in touch. 

I am only able to take on a limited number of private clients. If you would like to enquire about working with me 1:1 please get in touch.

My areas of expertise are:

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Testimonials & Recommendations

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